Ulta goodies
I got some lashes
Trying out the nyx matte bronzer
And concealer
Heard a lot of good things about nyx lip butter glosses matte lipsticks nyx natural lip liner(my fav)
Ulta black eyeliner
Foundation sponge
Annnnd the lipstick I was dying to get my hands on, revlons prim rose!

Tbt to last summer when I went to Oahu Hawaii 🌺🏄😎💗💖 #oahu #honolulu #hawaii #summer #blessed



Yaaas! So I lost about 8 pounds. This week was my 4th week of the body building work out. But I’ve been working out 5 weeks straight. 

And so from beginning of March I weighed 150 pounds (the most I’ve ever weighed). Today I woke up stepped on the scale and I was 140. I had dinner and I weighed 142.7! It’s so good to see results! And slowly I’m seeing my stomach get smaller which I’m loving. 

I’m not at my goal weight but I’m seeing results and hard work and dedication is the best to see progress and good results. 

Next goal is another 8-10 pounds for this month!

I did everything the natural way. I was tempted to try out other things like a detox, tea detox, herbal life, weight loss pills, etc. But I stuck it out and decided the natural way is the best way. 

So clean eating, working out, and I quit drinking soda, fast food, and junk food. Although I do have my cheat days on the weekends to chocolates. But I make sure I limit myself. 

Just wanted to share this with y’all. 
Next month goal weight is 130-133 lbs


What I do need to work on is fixing my sleeping schedule. I need to be able to sleep early and wake up early. 

“I asked an old man: “Which is more important? To love or to be loved?” The old man replied: “Which is more important to a bird? The left wing or the right wing?”
— Unknown (via perfect)

(via fasheuphoria)

My ma and I walked around downtown and discovered cute artsy stores. 

The cup cake store was incredible, how can you eat something that looks like a flower.

There was also a little park  and I adored the alice in the wonderland store/ 

Discovered a cute coffee/book shop. At an old historic town in Colorado Springs.
I love the decor and the historic building.

Here’s my workout for today.
Leg day.
I feel the burn in my gluteus Maximus

I made butter pecan cake today for Sunday cake.

Selfie. Haha 🙅

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